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Exchange Club Meeting Location

The Exchange club meets at the south location of the Salvation Army, 701 W. Jolly Rd, Lansing. We meet at 12pm on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Mondays of the month.

Thank you to the Salvation Army for their hospitality.

Please consider joining us on Monday's at noon. Prospective new members can attend up to 3 Exchange Club meetings at no charge.

Exchange Club Awards Celebration

Our Annual Awards Celebration was held on Tuesday, April 24th, at Kingdom Ministries in Lansing. Almost 150 guests gathered to celebrate the work of the Club and to recognize those in our community who help support family, country, community, and the prevention of child abuse.
The following awards were presented during the dinner:
  • Proudly We Hail Award - Sundance Chevrolet for their display of patriotism
  • Child Advocate of the Year -  Michelle Nicholson, Executive Director, Early Childhood Services, Ingham Intermediate School District.
  • Book of Golden Deeds - Joan Jackson Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Accepting the Challenge of Excellence - Students who graduated despite great challenges. Cody Dexter, Holt High School and Emma DeRogatis-Frilingos, East Lansing High School.
  • Fire Fighter of the Year - Engineer Krishna Singh, Lansing Fire Department.
  • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year - Detective Shannon Thielen, Lansing Police Department.
 Child Advocate of the Year Accepting the Challenge of Excellence 
 Fire Fighter of the Year  Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
 Mayor Schor Proclamation  Book of Golden Deeds

Welcome!  Thank you for taking the time to visit the Exchange Club of Greater Lansing, MI and the Exchange Youth Foundation, a separate 501(c)3 affiliate organization.

These two great organizations are working together to serve the communities that we live in, with a commitment to:
  • The Prevention of Child Abuse - Protecting Vulnerable Children
  • Community Service - Working to Do Good
  • Families - Not Only Our Own Families, But All Families
  • Country - Encouraging Patriotism

Child Abuse Prevention
Exchange Club Supports Child Abuse Prevention
The Exchange Club of Greater Lansing was pleased to present a check for $5511.16 to Kathy Kelly, Child Abuse Prevention Network, and Julie Thomasma, Executive Director of Child and Family Charities. The check represented monies raised during our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas ham and turkey sales. The Club has conducted these sales for many years and are proud to support the work of Child and Family Charities.

Childrens Trust Fund - Children's Trust Fund
The Children's Trust Fund Debuts New Video
The Trust Fund serves as a voice for Michigan's children and families, and promotes their health, safety, and welfare by funding effective local programs and services that prevent child abuse and neglect. Learn more by visiting Children's Trust Fund.
Learn more by viewing a CTF video by following this link: Children's Trust Fund Video.
Learn more about how to support the CTF by visiting: Supporting the Children's Trust Fund