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Exchange, America’s Premier Service Club, working to make our communities better places to live.

What Do Exchange Clubs Do?

 Clubs sponsor a wide range of activities to improve our communities, help the disadvantaged, and encourage good American citizenship. The principal areas of Exchange’s National Program of Service are Youth, Americanism, and Community Service, focusing on Child Abuse Prevention. Members also initiate activities to meet unique local needs. This may be anything from raising funds for the homeless to building and staffing a sheltered workshop for the disabled.

.Why Join? 

  • Support charities and nonprofits
  • Join fellows in service to the Lansing area. 
  • Learn about programs and activities in the community
  • Advance Americanism
  • Meet amazing people in our community
  • Gain confidence as a leader
  • Make new friends

Covenant of Service
A covenant between the organization and its members which exemplifies the purpose and character of an Exchangite.


Accepting the divine privilege of single and collective responsibility as life’s noblest gift, I covenant with my fellow Exchangites:

To consecrate my best energies to the uplifting of Social, Religious, Political and Business ideals;

To discharge the debt I owe to those of high and low estate who have served and sacrificed that the heritage of American citizenship might be mine;

To honor and respect law, to serve my fellowmen, and to uphold the ideals and institutions of my Country;

To implant the life-giving, society-building spirit of Service and Comradeship in my social and business relationships;

To serve in Unity with those seeking better conditions, better understandings, and greater opportunities for all.